Out of the box Diwali Gift Ideas

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Diwali is the festival of light. We celebrate Diwali in India at large scale. We have a tradition of presenting gifts to loved ones in Diwali. We discuss some out of box Diwali Gift Ideas for your loved ones. :

Organic Diyas (Eco-friendly Diyas) –

Celebrate this Diwali in an eco-friendly manner. We can gift Organic Diyas/ candles to loved ones.

These diyas are created using only Natural essential oils. Also, No Paraffin wax used as it creates health problems. These Diyas are aesthetic as compared to Nonorganic Diyas.


Leather Wallets/ Bags –

You can select premium gifts like leather wallets to men or leather purse/bags to gifts and boys. You can feel the lavish look and premium quality in leather articles. Your loved ones would love these gifts at first instance.


Panda and Elephant Bottles for kids –

Some unique shaped bottles like Panda Bottles/ Elephant Bottles are perfect gifts for kids. They love animals and it is the right choice to present them such unique gifts which they imagine in their dreams.


Terracotta Wall Clocks –

Terracotta wall clocks are made from eco-friendly terracotta is sort of clay and products made by it are handmade. Your loved ones would love to see handmade and hand painted gifts like Terracotta wall clocks and frames which enhances the richness of the home.


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