Eye Catching Diwali Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees, Clients and Workers

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Diwali is the largest and the most celebrated Festival in India. This is a celebration of Happiness and moment to cherish relationships.

In India, it is tradition to offer Gifts to Employees, Clients, and Workers on this Festival of Lights to develop relationships between them. There are several gifts available in the market based on need and budget.

However, we tried to cover the most popular as well as few unique gift ideas for Employees, Clients, and Workers here in this article.

Corporate Gift Hampers

These are basically sweets Boxes, Juices and the most popularly Dry fruits like Raisins, Figs, Almonds, Dates, and Pistas. Nowadays, some unique shaped organic Candles (Diyas) and Lamps are available as a gift Hampers.

People are presenting idols of Ganesha, Saraswati, Laxmi as a gesture of Goodwill.

Household Items

Some Companies are thinking that their gifts are to be utilized by families of employees and workers. They prefer to present Household items as a Diwali Gifts.

Nowadays, Copper bottles are trending in the market. People are health cautious. You can offer gifts like Thermas, Copper Bottles, Kitchenware like Toaster, Pan set, Juicer etc. These are widely selected options from ages to present Diwali Gifts.

Bag-Packs and Leather items

 Some Branded Bag-packs like Police, Leather Wallets and Pen Sets can be offered to clients as a Diwali Gifts. These items are premium Gift items which may be presented after calculating your budget. However, they are the most lovable Gift Items in the county.

Eco-Friendly Gifts

After plastic Ban, the new concept came in the market i.e. Eco-Friendly Gifts. Some Desktop Gifts like Eco-Friendly Pads, Eco-Friendly House of Desktop Accessories are to be presented to clients.

 Customized Diwali Gifts

Brand matters, Many Companies are presenting Gifts items with their logos engraved/ marked on Gifts. Some unique Mugs, T-Shirts, Plaques/plates and Desktop Gifts are to be presented with Company Logo.


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